Frequently Asked Questions


I have not received my ticket or I need to make a change to my ticket. Who can I contact?
Please contact ticket administrators Deloitte on 08 8407 7212 or info@homelottery.com.au.

I no longer wish to receive direct mail, phone calls, emails and / or SMS  relating to the Home Lottery. Who can I contact?
Please contact ticket administrators Deloitte on 08 8407 7212 or info@homelottery.com.au.

How many tickets will be sold?
A maximum of 210,000 tickets will be sold.

Can I download a full copy of the brochure?
Please click here to download a copy of the brochure.

How can my chances of winning really be 1 in 10?
Each ticket is entered in ALL 22,150 main prize draws (including 6 bonus draws and 1 Early Bird draw.) There are only 210,000 tickets available. The calculation to determine chances of winning has been independently verified by an actuary.  For further information regarding the mathematical equation please contact a Program Coordinator by emailing info@homelottery.com.au

Who is (or is not) eligible to purchase tickets?
Purchasers must be 18 years or older. The following persons and their relatives are ineligible to purchase tickets for themselves or on behalf of any other person: Board members and staff of The Hospital Research Foundation and Deloitte partners and employees.

Can I purchase a ticket if I live interstate or overseas?
The lottery is intended for residents of South Australia, however we will accept most orders from out of state residents. If you are unable to place an order online please call +61 8 8113 1050.

I don’t wish to order my tickets online? What are my options?
Tickets can be ordered online at www.homelottery.com.au or by calling 1300 852 177. Tickets can also be ordered in person from Wednesday 27 March 2019 at any one of these locations:

The Hospital Research Foundation60 Woodville RoadWoodville
Royal Adelaide Hospital Level 3, Ground Floor Port Road Adelaide
Lyell McEwin HospitalHaydown RoadElizabeth Vale

I cannot afford a $100 ticket. How else can I support?
There are plenty of ways in which you can support The Hospital Research Foundation! You can purchase your Home Lottery ticket as part of a syndicate. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket in our Cash Calendar Lottery which starts at just $20 or our Holiday for Life Lottery which starts at just $10. If you wish to make a donation, 100% of all donated funds will be directed to medical research in South Australia.

What does it mean to become a Member?
Members’ tickets are specially reserved for each Home Lottery which means you’ll never miss out, no matter how quick they sell PLUS, Members are entered into an exclusive draw for $10,000 cash! There’s no joining fee and you can make changes any time. Just tick the box on your order and we will contact you prior to each Home Lottery to confirm your order. To be eligible for the Membership Prize Draw, members must have a valid ticket in the current Hospital Research Home Lottery and an active Membership to all future Home Lotteries as of the applicable deadline of the current Home Lottery.

How can I make changes to my Membership including credit card details?
Please contact ticket administrators Deloitte on 08 8407 7212.

What is your refund policy?
All requests for refunds will be honored as long as the method of payment has been verified, and the corresponding ticket has not already been included in any prize draws.  

Are home lottery tickets tax deductible?
No. Tickets purchased are not tax deductible.


How many prizes are there and what are they?
There are 22,150 prizes including 6 Bonus Prizes and 1 Early Bird Prize.  The total value of all prizes is $6,121,064.00.

What is the GRAND PRIZE?
The Grand Prize is worth over $3 million! It includes:

Can I visit the home in person?
Yes, please come and visit us! The home is stunning and it is open for inspection every Monday, Wednesday, weekends and public holidays from 12pm until 5pm from 27 March 2019.

If I win the home do I have to move in?  How soon do I get the keys?  Can I sell it?
It generally takes a few weeks before settlement is complete. The winner can move in as soon as settlement is complete. The winner does not have to keep the home for a minimum period of time and can choose to sell the home at any point after settlement.

If I win, what do I have to pay for?
Absolutely nothing. As a Hospital Research Home Lottery Showhome winner, you are awarded your new home free and clear of any encumbrances. 

What about stamp duty? Title transfer taxes? 
All fees involved with the transfer of the property to the winner will be paid for by The Hospital Research Home Lottery. 

What are my costs after I take possession of my new home? 
After you take title of your new home, you would be responsible for the usual costs associated with home ownership. 

What are the Bonus Draws?
We will be giving away SIX 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sports just for getting in early! Tickets purchased before midnight on 18 April 2019 are eligible for the six bonus draws. Tickets will stay in the draws for the remaining 22,144 prize draws. Bonus draws will be held on 2 May 2019.

What is the Early Bird Prize?
Tickets purchased prior to midnight on 10 May 2019 will be included in the Early Bird draw for a 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT C or $350,000 CASH! Tickets will stay in the draws for the remaining 22,143 prize draws. The Early Bird draw will be held on 21 May 2019.

Are the prizes donated?
No, all prizes are purchased by The Hospital Research Foundation.

If I win a prize, can I choose to take cash instead?
Unfortunately, no. All prizes are purchased by The Hospital Research Foundation and must be accepted as awarded. Negotiations may take place between the prize supplier and the winner but The Hospital Research Foundation cannot become a part of that process.

What is the Cash Calendar?
The Cash Calendar is a separate lottery.  For just $20 extra you will be entered in a cash draw for 50 days of winning!  We will be giving away a grand prize of $250,000 plus an additional 49 cash prizes of $4,500 each.  Tickets in the Cash Calendar are $20 each, 3 for $50 or 6 for $75.  Cash Calendar ticket sales close on 24 May 2019 with all draws being held on 31 May 2019.

What is the Holiday for Life?

The Holiday for Life is a separate lottery. For just $10 extra you will be entered into a draw to win a holiday of your choice valued at $13,000 every year for the next 25 years! Or you can choose to take $325,000 cash instead. Tickets in the Holiday for Life are $10 each, 5 for $25 or 15 for $50 Holiday for Life ticket sales close on 24 May 2019 with all draws being held on 31 May 2019.


What are the draw dates?
Bonus Draws: 2 May 2019 (Deadline 18 April 2019)
Early Bird Draw: 21 May 2019 (Deadline 10 May 2019)
Final Draws: 31 May 2019 (Deadline 24 May 2019)

How and where are the draws conducted?
The draws are conducted using a random number generator under the supervision of Deloitte at their offices, 170 Fullarton Road, Dulwich in accordance with Consumer and Business Services Lottery and Gaming Regulations.

Can a ticket purchaser win multiple prizes? 
Yes. When you buy a ticket, your ticket is entered in ALL 22,150 draws! At $100 for a ticket, that works out to less than $0.01 per draw! Each ticket is included in each and every draw which means that after a ticket is drawn, the winning number is recorded and it is entered in the remaining draws.


When and where are the winning results published?
A complete list of winners will appear at www.homelottery.com.au on 3 June 2019. In the event all tickets are sold by the Bonus Deadline of 18 April 2019 all winners will be published early on 3 May 2019. In the event all tickets are sold by Early Bird deadline of 10 May 2019 then all winners will be published early on the 22 May 2019.

Will I be notified if I win a prize?
All winners will be notified in writing by Deloitte with instructions on how to claim their prize.

How long do I have to claim my prize?
All prizes must be claimed within three months of the applicable draw date.

What if I don’t know I’ve won a prize?
We will make multiple attempts to contact winners to ensure they have received their prize.

What happens to unclaimed prizes?
In the event that a prize remains unclaimed after three months, The Hospital Research Foundation will make additional attempts to contact that winner to ensure they are aware they have won a prize.  After all attempts to contact the winner have been exhausted, The Hospital Research Foundation will present the list of unclaimed prizes to the office of Consumer and Business Services and request sanction to use those prizes for further fundraising endeavors within the Foundation.


How are the proceeds of the lottery used?

Proceeds stay in South Australia and will support medical research and patient care in South Australia’s Hospitals. The Hospital Research Foundation provides funding that enables lifesaving work to continue, as well as purchasing much-needed equipment for your local hospitals.

In fact, The Hospital Research Foundation now supports over 40 areas of healthcare across South Australia at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Lyell McEwin Hospital, Modbury Hospital, the Jamie Larcombe Centre and Flinders Medical Centre.

It’s not just city hospitals and facilities that benefit. A recent grant will help rural South Australians be treated closer to home, and in some instances in their homes, reducing the need to travel to Adelaide and eliminating unnecessary stress.


Phone  08 8407 7212
Email info@homelottery.com.au

The Hospital Research Foundation 
60 Woodville Road
Woodville SA 5011