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You’re joining the fight

Across South Australia, people are joining the fight.

The fight against disease and illness. Enemies that are too big to take on alone.

The fight to find cures, improve treatments and deliver better healthcare at hospitals and in the community for you and your loved ones.

Every ticket purchase in The Hospital Research Foundation Home Lottery means you too, are joining the fight against this powerful opponent.

With you in our corner, we at The Hospital Research Foundation Group can take the lead on medical research and patient care initiatives across South Australia, so that our children, mothers, fathers, grandparents and friends don’t have to face the battle alone, or ill-equipped.

You are joining the fight alongside researchers, doctors and nurses who are in the ring, every day, working together to land the knockout blow and bring down this deadly enemy.

Your support helps battle more than 50 areas of disease and illness, including cancer, heart disease, mental health, dementia and many more; across all public hospitals and communities in South Australia.

There is no one untouched by this fight, and no one who can afford to let their guard down.

We need you in our corner.

Thank you for joining the fight.