Thank you South Australia!

In times of crisis, we're here fighting with you

With the health of our communities front and centre in 2020, it is now more than ever that we need to band together to fight the deadly enemies which threaten our health and wellbeing.

By supporting the Hospital Research Home Lottery, you are equipping our health professionals with the very best fighting arsenal to deliver world-class care when you need it most.

You are funding lifesaving advances in medical research, equipment and patient care initiatives in every public hospital and community in South Australia.

These services save lives.

The Hospital Research Foundation is the charity for all South Australians.

In times of crisis, we are here fighting for you and your loved ones.

When coronavirus began to devastate our community and put your loved ones at risk, we acted swiftly to provide emergency funding to find treatments and develop vaccines for the deadly virus.

These much-needed funds continue to go directly to our doctors, nurses and researchers on the frontline, plus we’re also helping our more vulnerable sectors of the community receive their care at home.

When the bushfire crisis hit, we provided support to our brave firefighters who were injured or lost their properties in the line of service.

When you are faced with a personal crisis like stroke, we give emergency stroke units the opportunity to trial world-class treatments.

When you live regionally and feel helpless over the health of your unborn child, we give GPs and nurses the latest in crucial ultrasound training.

When the enemy catches up with you, rest assured we will
be there fighting for your health.

Now more than ever, those on the frontline need your support.

In times of crisis, we are stronger together.