Home Lottery Sold Out!

Thank you South Australia!

Together, we have a fighting chance!

If you saw a 10 year old girl, a mother or much-loved grandfather in a fight to the death against a stronger and never relenting opponent, would you step in and help them? Of course you would.

This is the case for thousands of South Australians, young and old, who are fighting cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, liver disease, diabetes and many other potentially deadly enemies.

These enemies never rest, so neither can we.

Together.Fight. is a call to all South Australians to join in the fight against deadly disease and illnesses, together with The Hospital Research Foundation.

By purchasing a ticket in the Hospital Research Home Lottery, you are joining the fight! Thank you!

So who are we fighting for? You and your loved ones, and all South Australians. This fight is for everyone who wants their family and friends to be free of unnecessary and debilitating diseases.

The Hospital Research Foundation is unique in that we fight against more than 40 areas of disease and illnesses – from paediatrics to palliative care – across all public hospitals in South Australia.

Together, we can:

Because working together brings better outcomes and more hope to the thousands of South Australians living with debilitating and deadly diseases.

Thank you for your ongoing support.