Home Lottery Sold Out!

Thank you South Australia!

We're fighting for all South Australians.

Above: Dr Katharina Richter, The Hospital Research Foundation Early Career Fellow.

Every day, thousands of South Australians are in the fight of their lives, battling illness and disease.

Fortunately, no one fights alone. As well as the extraordinary work done by our doctors, nurses and support staff, researchers wage a daily battle to find cures for these often life-threatening diseases and disorders.

With your support, The Hospital Research Foundation provides funding that enables this lifesaving work to continue, as well as purchasing much-needed equipment for your local hospitals.

In fact, The Hospital Research Foundation now supports over 40 areas of healthcare across South Australia at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the Royal Adelaide Hospital, the Lyell McEwin Hospital, Modbury Hospital, the Jamie Larcombe Centre and Flinders Medical Centre.

It’s not just city hospitals and facilities that benefit. A recent grant will help rural South Australians be treated closer to home, and in some instances in their homes, reducing the need to travel to Adelaide and eliminating unnecessary stress.

Whether a person lives in the city or country, The Hospital Research Foundation supports them in their daily battle against heartbreaking diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart disease, renal disease, asthma or diabetes.

We need all South Australians join the fight. Through your continued support of the Hospital Research Home Lottery, we bring hope through lifesaving projects that impact the lives of many South Australians.

Please help us fight for their lives, because one day you could be fighting for yours.

Thank you.