Giving hope to every South Australian

Meet some of the South Australians you are bringing hope to! Wendy and husband Ed, who is living with Alzheimer's;
Type 1 diabetic and transplant recipient Sally and her daughter; and Jack who has Muscular Dystrophy.

Every day thousands of South Australians, young and old, are fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and many more heartbreaking conditions.

This can be a life-long debilitating battle or a silent, sudden killer.

Through your support of The Hospital Research Foundation Home Lottery, you can give hope to every South Australian fighting these deadly enemies.

From pregnancy to end-of-life to the many devastating diseases in between, The Hospital Research Foundation fights to find cures and improve treatments across all South Australian communities and public hospitals.

Our support extends to more than 50 areas of medical research and patient care, bringing hope to you and your loved ones.

By joining our fight, you can continue to improve the lives of every South Australian.

The many families who benefit are forever grateful.

Thank you for your support.