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Fighting for our firefighters

Our hearts went out to the many Australians who were affected by last summer’s devastating bushfires.

This includes the incredible CFS Volunteers and Emergency Services who work around the clock to save homes and lives.

In light of the destruction both across the country and here in South Australia, The Hospital Research Foundation and Group charity The Road Home provided a $200,000 grant to the CFS Foundation to help support CFS volunteers and their families who may be impacted by the effects of their service, either physically and/or mentally.

As a result of this donation, more than 70 CFS volunteers and their families directly affected by the bushfires had access to immediate financial support.

This allowed the volunteers to start rebuilding their homes and businesses, restock their livestock and receive ongoing physical and mental support without delay.

It has been a challenging time for all of our first responders and the community. In times of crisis, your support of the Hospital Research Home Lottery helps South Australians access support quickly.